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Helpful Moving Tips


When looking to hire a mover make sure they are licensed and insured.  Legal movers must be registered with TXDMV, and must put their registration numbers on all advertising (website, trucks, etc).

Check online reviews.  Yahoo, Google, Bing, Angieslist, and Yelp are all good resources.

The more prepared you are on moving day the faster your move will go.  Since most local moves are done on an hourly basis, being prepared will also save you money.  Wildcat Movers does all of the following services.  However, the following will help save you time and money if you choose to do it yourself.

Empty all furniture of belongings.  You may leave clothes in your dresser ONLY if the piece is still light enough for 2 movers to carry.  Never leave metal, fragile, or heavy items inside furniture.  It will damage your furniture while being moved.

Disconnect your washer, dryer, and fridge.  Front load washers require 4 speciality screws in the back to hold the tub for moving.  Make sure you have the hardware provided by the appliance manufacturer for the movers on moving day.

Break down bed frames, and disconnect headboards.

Remove mirrors from the back of your chest of drawers.

Roll up rugs, and either tape or saran wrap to hold it together.

Unscrew the brackets on the back of any two-part-furniture you may have, such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, and desk.

Organize your belongings, and try to stack boxes by size and shape. 

If you choose to pack your own boxes.  Here are some helpful tips:

Make sure all boxes are packed top to bottom to support the weight of other boxes that might be stacked on top.

Use plenty of packing paper, dish packs, or bubble wrap when wrapping fragile items.

Clearly label on all 4 sides, and the top of the box with what room the box will go into at your destination.

Clearly mark any boxes containing FRAGILE items.

Boxes are typically one time use items.  Boxes can be bought cheaply at Home Depot, Lowes, and some packing supply stores.  Typically “Moving Supply” companies are about 50% more expensive for boxes.

Pack heavy items in small boxes, and loose light weight items, such as linens in larger boxes.  Make sure that each box can be picked up by just one mover.

If you have questions please contact Wildcat Movers at (979)255-7550.

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